Remove Non-Operable Brain Tumors or other tumors without surgery

Shohoj Medical Servce
16 July 17

Complex surgeries for tumor removal is no longer required.  M6 Cyberknife is the state-of-the-art technology that can be effectively utilized for the treatment of benign brain and spine tumors and even for cancers in different parts of the body.

Shohoj Medical service with its partner hospital Artemis hospital, now makes this world class technology available for citizens of Bangladesh. Artemis in Gurgaon (Haryana) is the first hospital to install this new advanced technology in north India. M6, is the most advanced and comfortable radio surgery available. This is a high-tech robotic technology, it promises precision, accuracy and clinical efficacy.

CyberKnife m6 is a revolutionary radio – surgical device that uses a combination of robotics and sophisticated image-guidance technology. The new model is safe, pain free and it is the most comfortable radio surgery treatment available. Unlike the earlier version having a stereotactic metallic frame, which is mounted on the patient face during the procedure, m6 version comes with a thermo plastic mesh mask where the patient can breathe and see through it. With CyberKnife m6, the treatment can be done in 40 minutes. It is just like a CT and an MRI scan, but the same procedure takes 2.5 hours in gamma knife and modified linear accelerators.

The common tumours which can be treated by CyberKnife is pituitary ademomas, acouste neuroma, meningioma, glomus tumour and other benign tumours. Apart from tumours, we can treat arteriovenous malformation. These are clumps of blood vessels in brain which can be burned with the help of radiation and trigerminal neuralgia. The m6 version is highly precise and helps to treat  patients who have larger or more irregular shape tumours and who are resistant to conventional radiation, as they can be given more focused radiation. It also helps in cases where surgically tumour is inaccessible. In many western countries, out of 100 cases, 40 cases are brain metastases and they get radiation for the deposits. However, in our country for every case, many undergo full brain radiation, which leads to side effects. It leads to memory loss, forgetfulness, behavioral changes and higher mental loss.

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